Soludrip® is a brand new concept in crop nutrition.


Aside from knowing the needs of the growers in order to produce the highest yields and quality in their production, we also focus in identifying the needs of the plant considering that each crop has its own characteristics as well as different nutritional requirements.


From this basic idea comes our main concept: a complete crop nutrition program using water-soluble fertilizer formulas according to a selected crop and its different phenological stages but also considering the irrigation system specifications and crop data to finally obtain a concentrated stock solution with all the nutrients correctly balanced and being delivered exactly to the root zone.


This leads us to a high-precision nutrition program compared to the ones that actually exist in the market allowing the grower to dose nutrients correctly and have control of their investment per acre while maximizing the full potential and yield of their crops.


Our crop nutrition program is supported by an easy-to-use software and app that is fully accessible and completely free named Just in Time(R) Plant Nutrient Calculator, which includes major crops, phenological stages and different irrigation systems, to follow up the feeding of your crops step by step from planting to final production.


With Soludrip(R) Specialties we can develop any other nutrition program for a crop not currently available on this website. Contact us!.